How to add a story:

Select the ‘Add Story’ option from the menu bar and complete the form that is displayed.

The title for the story should be the subject of the stories first and last names. You can add one photo of the person and this photo will be featured as part of the story, if you don’t have a suitable photo then the default photo will be used. Fill in the other fields if you know them.

Then add your story in the story input box. This input box has many features that you have in a word processor.

Not all the possible edit tools are shown by default on the tool bar. To see all the possible formatting tools click this icon all icon

Finally add your study website url or guild profile url to the form if you want to.

Click the submit button and your story will be submitted to the site.

There will be a delay whilst the story is reviewed and then it will be published on the site.

There is no limit to the number of stories that can be added by a member, they must be entered as a single story though.

The search facility allows visitors to find stories about particular names. The latest subject names are shown in the bottom bar of the website and excerpts of all stories can be seen on the stories page and a link from there takes the visitor to the full story page.

How to edit your story:

If you wish to change anything in your story after you have created it just access the story from the website and you (and only you) will see an edit button underneath the photograph.

BUT, to access your story do not use the “Search” option. That is for the public only. You need to access your story by adding it’s name in lower-case, and with spaces replaced by “-” after the site web address. So a story titled “Captain Jack Smith” can be accessed by going to :

 Once there you will see the ‘Edit ‘ button. Click this and you will be taken to a page where you can edit the story and add additional content or photographs.

If you wish to create or edit any links in your story please see this YouTube video on how to do it.

Problems or questions:

Any questions or problems please contact the webmaster at