Edward George Rayment

Edward George Rayment was born in London’s East End on 13th April 1897, the sixth child of toothbrush maker Arthur Rayment and Catherine Rayment (née Roberts). Being one of a family of eight children in a very deprived area of London, his early life was far from easy and the fact that his father was rather too fond of drink [Read full story…]

James Arthur Rayment

James Arthur Rayment was born on 6th September 1889 at Balwyn in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He was the fourth of eight children from the marriage of James Rayment and Harriet Ratten but was only eight years old when his mother Harriet died. Brought up by his father he did reasonably well at school, after leaving which he earned his living [Read full story…]

James Frederick Rayment

James Frederick Rayment was born at Hackney, London, in October 1873, the sixth and last child of an Essex born Blacksmith named Anthony Rayment and his wife Anne Rayment née Keeble. James was only seven years old when his father died at the age of 54 leaving him, together with his three brothers and two sisters, to be brought up [Read full story…]

George Leslie Rayment

George Leslie Rayment was born at Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia in August 1894, the sixth child of James Rayment and Harriett Frances Rayment née Ratten. His mother died in 1897 and his father then re-married because the children were still quite young and in obvious need of a mother. After leaving school George became a Clerk until on 16th November [Read full story…]

Robert Herbert Rayment

Robert Herbert Rayment was born in London in the year 1879 and soon came to be known by his family and friends as “Bertie” in order to avoid confusion with his father, who bore the same first name as himself.  He was sixth of the eight children of Robert Rayment (a City of London chimney sweep) and Alice Mary Rayment [Read full story…]